What I Can do For You

So what can I do to help you? Maybe you’re a non-profit that’s looking to explain how to use a new healthcare system? Maybe you’re a company looking to explain your healthcare product or service? Maybe you’re a healthcare facility or a hospital looking to produce an internal or external newsletter? Maybe you’re a healthcare practitioner or provider looking to provide information to patients?

I’ve spent the past two years working in the healthcare system, and it’s also where my academic background lies. I understand healthcare systems, healthcare professionals and healthcare users.

I can provide a range of copy and content, from highly technical documents to jargon-free health communication. Below is a list of the services that I provide:

Main Services

  • Newsletters (Internal and External)

An easy way to connect, either externally, with clients, or internally, with staff. An active mailing list is one way to effectively connect with clients independently of changing platforms.

  • Social Media Content

Twitter, facebook, instagram, pintrest – different companies and organisations will require different things. Whether it be links to articles, short statistic driven tweets or images chronicling the journey of a client/patient/service user, social media can be a way of interacting with the public at large.

  • Blog Posts

Blog posts help drive web traffic in a organic way – by providing information and content that people want to see and interact with, and by creating content that search engines can index and interact with.

  • Landing Page Content

Your landing page is the first thing that people see when arriving on your website – it’s also the most generally accessed page on your site. It’s the way that your site will be recognised, both by the public, clients, customers and search engines.

  • Articles (Both Technical and Lay Audiences)

Health can be a complicated subject – it’s where science, technology and human life interact. Whether you want to communicate regarding a health subject to people who have a wide ranging context, or none at all, writing for your audience is important for both accessibility, and for commercial conversion. People don’t generally interact with that which they don’t understand.

Other Services:

  • Ghostwriting (Articles, blog posts, books)
  • Client Profiles
  • Staff Profiles
  • Informational Pamphlets and Booklets